Hydraulic power packs & system solutions
Hydraulik-Aggregate & Systemlösungen
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Compact units

Hydraulic, electric, electronic plants
designed according to customer’s specification


Complete electrohydraulic
Hydraulic solution for marine loading armsequipment for marine loading arms











Elektrohydraulische Komplettanlage Schiffsverlader

Complete electro hydraulic solutions for ship loading stations operating in marine environment. EX-boxes and stainless stell containters for electronic controll units.


Kompakt-Hydraulikaggregate bis 210 bar

Compact motor-pump units up to 210 bar with variable flow rates of 0.4-30 l/min with AC / DC / rotary-current motors up to 4 kW, oil containers of steel / synthetic material, volume: 0.5-18 l, to be equipped with various control systems (manual valves / solenoid valves / directional valves, pressure / flow control valves connected in parallel or in series).

Hydraulik-Steuerblock in Kompaktbauweise

Special control block in compact design with pressure and directional function, including electronic measuring unit.

Standardaggregat von NG 10 - 80 l

Standard hydraulic unit, size:
10 - 80 l, with various control functions,
up to 700 bar, custom-made.

Special hydraulic unit with oil or air cooler and integrated oil heating

Special hydraulic unit with oil / air cooler and integrated oil heating for extreme ambient temperatures.

  • Hydroaggregat mit Elektrosteuerung für den Betrieb einer Hebevorrichtung

Hydraulic unit with electric control for locomotive lifting device for underfloor turning machine.

Aggregat für hydrostatische Pressvorrichtung

Hydraulic unit for hydrostatic pressing device for transformer production.

Mobile Hydrauliklösungen in Bau- und Kommunalfahrzeugen

Mobile hydraulics in construction vehicles and street cleaning vehicles.

  • Hydraulik-Steuerblock in Scheibenbauweise

Control block in sectional construction, in modular construction,according to customer's specification, electrohydraulic-proportional operation with load-sensing function and remote control.





Compact motor-pump units up to 700 bar with 2-stage pumps (low/high-pressure pump) with AC or DC motor (battery-operated) for operating single and doubleacting hydraulic cylinders. Retrofit kits produced in series enable the solution of different tasks (manual valves / solenoid valves / remote control).

  • Hydraulik-Aggregate mit 2-Stufen-Pumpen
  • Niederdruckpumpen, Hochdruckpumpe
  • Kompakt-Aggregate bis 700 bar
  • Hydraulikaggregat mit 2-Stufenpumpen
EX Explosionssicherheit Atex
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