Hydraulic power packs & system solutions
Hydraulik-Aggregate & Systemlösungen
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Hydraulic components up to 400 bar

Stromregelventil für Rohrleitungseinbau

Flow control valves: With fixed adjustment for direct inline mounting, possibility of manual and remote setting. Pressure-independent divide and combine function, possibility of unequal division ratios.

Proportionalventil mit integrierter Elektronik

Proportional valves for directional/ pressure/flow control function with integrated electronics or additional amplifier cards.

Nominal flow rate: 200 l/min
Operating pressure: max. 350 bar

Differential-Sperrventil für hydrostatischen Antrieb

Differential check valves for hydrostatic drives with hydraulic engines connected in parallel.

Nominal flow rate: 25-200 l/min.
Operating pressure: max. 420 bar

Stromregelventile, Drosselrückschlagventil, Magnetventile

Available devices of industrial hydraulics: Throttle check valves for direct inline mounting, flow control valves, directional solenoid valves, sandwich plates with various functions, hydraulic block complete solutions.

Hydraulik Druckventile, vorgesteuert

Pilot-operated pressure valves, also available with solenoid pilot control.

Hydraulische Steuerung, Steuerblock, Monoblock

Control block in monoblock construction for low-cost series fabrication, for technical possibilities, see "control block in sectional construction".

Außenzahnrad-Pumpen, Aussenzahnrad-Motoren

External gear pumps/
motors: displacement/

suction volume: 0.25 - 93 ccm/rev.
Operating pressure: max. 280 bar

Hydraulik-Steuerblock, scheibenbauweise

External gear pumps / motors: displacement/

suction volume: 0.25 - 93 ccm/rev.
Operating pressure: max. 280 bar

Einzelkreispumpen, Mehrkreispumpen, Innenzahnradpumen

Internal gear pumps (single and
multiple-circuit pumps):

Displacement volume: 3-500 ccm/rev.
Operating pressure: max. 360 bar

Hydromotor max 315 bar

Hydraulic motors:

Suction volume:
52 - 2095 ccm/rev.
Operating pressure: max. 315 bar
Torque: 85 - 3700 Nm
Speed range: up to 920 rpm

Hydraulik, Teleskopzylinder, einfachwirkend, hydraulischer Rückzug

Telescopic cylinders with low collapsed height, single-acting or with hydraulic piston retraction, in light-metal construction.

Compressive force: 100 - 650 kN
at 500 bar nominal pressure
Stroke: 160 - 450 mm

Flachzylinder, Stahl, einfachwirkend mit Federrückzug

Flat cylinders, steel construction, single-acting, some cylinders with piston retraction by spring

Compressive force: 40 - 1500 kN at 500 bar / 700 bar
nominal pressure
Stroke: 10 - 20 mm
with a collapsed height of 33 - 105 mm